Kids Read the World: Africa: Nos fuimos todos de Safari and Las crepes de Mama Panya

Great for early elementary school age, these two books are wonderful for exposing children to the beauties of Africa and its people.

Nos fuimos todos de Safari the Spanish-language edition of We all went on Safari. It is set in Tanzania and includes a map and some background on Tanzania as well as the Maasai people. The book reviews greetings and counting from 1-10 in Swahili, various types of animals, and the backgrounds of the Swahili names used for the book's characters. The author loves to travel and has written other children's books including "Off we go to Mexico", "We're sailing to Galapagos", "Up and down the Andes", and "We're sailing down the Nile". 

Las crepes de Mama Panya is the Spanish-language edition of Mama Panya's pancakes. It tells the story of a mother who plans to prepare a special treat for her son; her son decides to invite members of his village to join in, each of whom contributes something to the meal. It is set in Kenya and also includes a map and background on some aspects of daily life, as well some of the common animals and plants seen. The author and her husband have been writing award-winning stories for over 20 years and have traveled around the world, studying ways of life in Africa as well as parts of Asia and Oceania.