Sol Solecito / Little Sunny Sunshine

The newest Canticos book, Sol Solecito or Little Sunny Sunshine, similar to their other books, is inspired by a traditional song, featuring an accordion text in which one side is entirely in Spanish and the other in English. Little ones can use the ten-page text to learn the days of the week as well as differences between times of the day such as morning and evening. The pictures are colorful and vibrant and include lift the flaps detailing the 7 days, as well as a clock designed as a sun which kids can turn the hands round and round to practice telling time. I like these books particularly for infants as the material is strong and durable.

Listen to the song here: , sung by children!

Find a variety of videos from Canticos here: Here you can again hear videos in either English or Spanish, which can be particularly helpful for non-native Spanish speaking adults looking to learn alongside their children.

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