Learning through Linguacious

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the following product for review purposes. The expressed opinions are solely my own.


I recently came across a unique way to enhance foreign language learning for those parents with perhaps limited experience in the child's the target language. While we want the best for our children, there are many of us non-native speakers who just don't know where to begin with our own reading and pronunciation skills in a second or third language. Check out these playing cards by Linguacious - the card set has won multiple awards and are available in over 25 languages. The cards come in a set of 52 and each surround a common theme (i.e. food/drink, around the home, animals, ABCs, counting, etc.). The design of the cards allows kids to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking independently. Ideas are provided for different games that can be played, thereby at the same time enhancing parent-child bonding in the process of learning.

Linguacious states, "With our products, we aim to give kids that very first exposure to the language in a way that is fun, social, and engaging. We want kids to value their heritage languages and that of others. The cards are especially useful for kids whose parents do not speak the languages themselves or may do so with a heavy accent."

Any product that features ability to access the audio of native speakers is a must for me. Each card comes with a QR code that users can scan with their phones or tablets, using the Linguacious app to hear the pronunciation of each word. In my own personal endeavors to learn languages that sound very dis-similar to English and Spanish in my opinion (i.e. French or Mandarin), I have constantly needed to emphasize listening skills over that of anything else. These cards are so easy to use that even my toddlers, who are typically very impatient, were able to take the time out to be entertained and eased with the hearing of each word's pronunciation while scanned by my smartphone.

For more information on this product, check out www.linguacious.net. 

And for pure book lovers, the vocabulary used is also available in a book format (paperback or Kindle version), available in all Amazons across the world. Here's one example: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1691911984

To enter for a free Linguacious product, check out: https://www.linguacious.net/mommyandme
Or use the code mommyandme15 on Amazon for 15% off on a card deck until October 31, 2019


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