Snowflake Stories Bilingual Books

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of my book in exchange for writing a review. The following review is my honest opinion regarding this product.

I was so fortunate to receive my own personalized bilingual book for my daughter from Snowflake Stories. Their website, available at Snowflake Stories, allows families to customize one of four themes allowing their child to be the star of the story. I decided to pick the dance recital theme for my daughter, though debated between this and the other sports-themes for quite a bit of time. Bilingual books are available with translations in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. As our daughter is biracial, I very much appreciated the ability to customize not only the theme, but the characters' appearances, including her as the main character, as well as parents, and other adults and children. There is also the opportunity to include a dedication at the beginning as well as your child's photograph. I remember being a child and loving creating books where I was the main character but this book brings such an opportunity to real-life- I truly think this book will be treasured by my daughter for a lifetime to come! Definitely check it out and consider what a great gift it could be for your child too!