La Biblia para principiantes bilingüe: Historias bíblicas para niños (The Beginner's Bible) (Spanish Edition)

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We own at least 10 or so versions of children's bibles but this one is my personal favorite. One of the reasons is because it's available with side-by-side translations in Spanish. In general, I think having two translations rather than one helps give more understanding behind truly understanding God's word. The stories selected are well adapted for young children, and yet there is so much information, immensely more than that of the average children's bible. It is such a gift for children and adults alike! Examples of some of the less commonly included bible stories in this children's bibles are that of Isaac through Joseph, Psalm 23, and Elijah and Elisha in the Old Testament, and the Sermon on the Mount, Mary and Martha, and Paul in the New Testament. While there are over 90 stories in all, the book is not overbearing in size or length, nor is the font too small or there too many words on each page. While advertised for ages 6 and under, in my household I am actually reserving for this for when the kids are elementary-school aged when we can delve deeper into having conversations about the stories, and they can also practice independent reading. The same company has also made activity books such as coloring books and sticker books which younger kids with shorter attention spans such as my kids have really enjoyed.